Company Information: U.GOTO FLORIST




Established Established in May 1892
President Naosuke Goto
Type of Business Sales of fresh flowers, artificial flowers, vases,
gardening and interior goods.
Consultant and decoration services mainly for hotel banquets and restaurant events, wedding receptions, funerals, maintenance.
Related Company Goto Building Co. Ltd


1892 The company founder, Umanosuke Goto opened shop.
The original name of the company was, “Hanauma in Roppongi”
occupying the same space as our current main shop.
The founder of this company was Umanosuke Goto. Therefore,
we are currently known as 'U.GOTO FLORIST'.
1919 The shop was renamed Goto Youbana Ten-meaning western flower shop. Our shop became the first flower shop where western flowers were sold in Japan.
1947 The name was changed to U.GOTO FLORIST, Ltd.
1949 U.GOTO FLORIST became the first member to join the F.T.D from Japan.
1953 U.GOTO FLORIST established, J.F.T.D. Along with this service
style came the possibility of rapid delivery service within Japan.
1959 Goto Building Ltd was established and expanded to include the real estate arena.
1960 The Ginza Tokyu Hotel Branch - opened.
1984 The Shinjuku Hilton Hotel Branch - opened.
1988 The Ginza Imperial Hotel Workshop - opened.
1995 Rennovation and expansion of the Goto 1st Building was completed.
1996 The Shinjuku Takashimaya Branch - opened.
2001 The Tokyu Cerulean Tower Branch - opened.
2007 The Shinjuku Takashimaya Branch Renewal Opening.
2010 THE CAPITOL HOTEL TOKYU Branch - opened.

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