Designers Profile: U.GOTO FLORIST


Hans Damen  ハンス・ダーメン

Hans Damen  ハンス・ダーメン
■ 1964 Born in Holland
■ 1988 Graduated from the Holland Master Florists
Academy - a top ranking school of design
■ 1989~1992 Worked in the floral industry in the USA
and Belgium
■ 1993~1994 Instructor at the Tokyo De Master Floral School
■ 1994~ Began his career with U.GOTO FLORIST.

His designs are original and inspire others. His work is displayed in department stores, window displays and party decorations.

Kanako Yoshihara  吉原 可奈子

Kanako Yoshihara  吉原 可奈子
■ 1993 Started her career with U.GOTO FLORIOST at Imperial Hotel Tokyo Work Shop.
Working in the party and wedding.
■ 2005 Moved to Hilton Tokyo.
■ 2010 Assumed the shop manager at Hilton Tokyo.
■ 2015 Moved to Imperial Hotel Work Shop.
Assumed to the vice shop manager.
■ 2018 Moved to Capitol Hotel Tokyo. Assumed the shop manager.

Qualified with SOGETSU and Cut Flower Advisor.
Popular as a flower instructor making an individual, stylish work.

Ayaka Kumira  木村 文香

Ayaka Kumira  木村 文香
Graduated from Flower Business School.
Qualified with CEF (Certificate of European Floristry) .
After graduation, started working at the flower shop in Tokyo.
■ 2004 Started her career with U. GOTO FLORIST at Shinjuku Takashimaya.
■ 2005 Moved to Roppongi, in charge of purchasing flowers from the market, brand shop decoration and wedding flowers.

Always offer surprises with a reliable technique and accurate suggestion.

Miki Takahashi  高橋 美樹

Miki Takahashi  高橋 美樹
■ 2007 Started her career with U.GOTO FLORIST at Roppongi.
In charge of brand shop decoration and restaurant wedding.
■ 2009 Moved to Hilton Tokyo.
Consulting and creating flowers for the party and wedding, and making wedding bouquet.
Decorating Hilton Tokyo in Christmas season.
■ 2015 Assumed the shop manager at Hilton Tokyo.
■ 2021 Assumed the shop manager at Roppongi.

Provide warm and close service depending on individual request.

Kumi Kishimoto  岸本 久美

Kumi Kishimoto  岸本 久美
■ 2000 Worked at the florist in Tokyo.
■ 2003 Started her career with U.GOTO FLORIST at Roppongi.
Created wedding works at the guest house.
In charge of the store sale, purchasing flower from the market and also flower instructor.
■ 2018 Assumed the vice shop manager at Roppongi.

By experience and knowledge, she suggests the favorite product for the customer.

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