Flower lesson: U.GOTO FLORIST

flower lesson

We offer lessons in floral arranging at our main shop located in Roppongi.
In keeping a diverse and interesting audience, we change our theme.
Each lesson is limited to 6~8 people.
The lessons are offered in a block form, allowing students to interact with each other and the teacher freely.Our foreign teachers trained in the most advanced techniques in floral design.
Beginners or those with limited training in floral design are welcome,
as well as, those with formal training.
We encourage everyone to try floral arranging here at U. GOTO FLORIST.

|| 2019 Christmas &New Year Special Lesson

Lesson 1

"Christmas Dream Catcher”"
ハンス ダーメン

Instructor : Hans Damen

Date : Nov. 9th (Sat) 14:00~16:00

Charge : \16,500

Originally from native North America it’s made out of natural rings 
with feathers and other decorations. To hang on a wall ,door or window. 
Besides fresh and dry materials Christmas light will be added to make your dream come true. 

Lesson 2

”Classic Christmas"
木村 文香

Instructor : Ayaka Kimura

Date : Nov. 23rd (Sat) 14:00~16:00

Charge : \16,500

Creating a wreath with various greenery which are from the winter forest.
Put the ribbon to finish it which are imported from the US.
Let's enjoy Christmas with an original handmade wreath.

Lesson 3

”Join the Christmas Party"
ハンス ダーメン

Instructor : Hans Damen

Date : Dec. 14th (Sat) 14:00~16:00

Charge : \16,500

We will make a three layered centerpiece cake built out of three slices of wood with flowers, conifers green and other Christmas decorations. 
On top a red candle will give it a classic look.  

Lesson 4

”2020 Tokyo Olympic"

Instructor : Hans Damen

Date : Dec. 21st (Sat) 14:00~16:00

Charge : \16,500

For this new year arrangement we use the five Olympic colors in a unique way. 
The shape of Mount Fuji with the rising sun and samurai blue we can look forward to a memorable year.

Place 5-1-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Main store) Goto Bldg 1st
Attendees Classes are limited to 6 people per session.
Payment Payment required within 1 week of application.
Payment may be made directly at the store or by postal transfer to the following:

Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Roppongi Branch / Futsu account / 0841442  Account name: Kabushikigaisha Gotohanaten
Note your name on the payment made if done by transfer service.

Special Notes:
Your reservation will be cancelled if payment is not made within 1 week of application.
Refunds will not be made after payment has been transferred.
If you are unable to attend the course, we will arrange for delivery of your arrangement.
Prepare Scissors, knife, apron, pencil/notebook & camera
Special Notes Delayed attendance causes disruption in the lesson for everyone; please refrain from arriving more than 20 minutes late.
Our regular course of sign-up will apply.
Telephone reservation (03-3408-8211)

Business Hours;
Monday - Friday / 11:00am-7:00pm, Saturday & Sunday & Holiday / 11:00pm-5:00pm

Stopping in the shop;
Fax reservation (03-3408-8755)
E-mail reservation (info@gotohanaten.co.jp)

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