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flower lesson

We offer lessons in floral arranging at our main shop located in Roppongi.
In keeping a diverse and interesting audience, we change our theme.
The lessons are offered in a block form, allowing students to interact with each other and the teacher freely.Our foreign teachers trained in the most advanced techniques in floral design.
Beginners or those with limited training in floral design are welcome,
as well as, those with formal training.
We encourage everyone to try floral arranging here at U. GOTO FLORIST.

|| 2021年 レッスンサロン

Lesson salon

Lesson salon

"Picture frame flowers" Instructor : Kanako Yoshihara

【Lesson Salon at shop】  September. 25th
【Lesson Salon at home】 September. 25th
【Application dead line】   September. 18th

"Late Summer Dream" Instructor : Hans Damen
【Lesson Salon at shop】  September. 25th
【Lesson Salon at home】 September. 25th /September. 26th
【Application dead line】   September. 18th

"Orchid plants with scent of autumn" Instructor : Kumi Kishimoto
【Lesson Salon at shop】  October. 9th
【Lesson Salon at home】 October. 9th /October. 10th
【Application dead line】   October. 2nd

"Spider On The Wall" Instructor : Hans Damen
【Lesson Salon at shop】  October. 23th
【Lesson Salon at home】 October. 23th /October. 24th
【Application dead line】   October. 16th

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