Privacy policy: U.GOTO FLORIST

個人情報の取り扱い Privacy Policy

U.GOTO FLORIST values the importance of the information we receive from our customers. We have enacted the following regulations as described below for handling the personal information received.


1, We have established a system to protect your personal information, including reviewing with our staff the importance of handling your personal information in a proper manner.

2-1, Regulations are set forth for usage of your information in terms of acquisition, usage, offer and other occasions needed.

2-2, We inform our customers of the reasons for usage when acquiring personal information limiting usage to these reasons. Further information pertaining to this matter is listed on our website.

2-3, We do not inform or share personal information received to outside companies unless the following exceptions occur.

  • ■ We receive permission from the owner to share this information with others.
  • ■ Administrative or Justice services request information for official matters.

3, When required, personal information and details may be shared with outside delivery firms in order to complete your request. In this case, careful selection is made of the delivery company as well as a contract drawn between us in terms of our privacy policy.

4, A security system has been activated to protect your personal information from access illegally, case of loss, being destroyed, altered or allowing personal information to leak into the general system.

5, We respect your personal information and have made our policy open to general view. Requests to release information or to change, add or delete information will not be informed to others within responsible limits.

6, We follow the laws, regulations and guidelines regarding the handling of personal information.

7, We continuously improve our privacy policy in order to protect our customer’s personal information. For this reason, revisions will be made to our policy with prior notice not posted, as required necessary.

Customer Service for details

03-3408-8211(9:00~18:00) 〒106-0032 5-1-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The Purposes of Usage of Personal Information

We will use personal information obtained from customers as described below.

  • ① To deliver and care for orders.
  • ② To provide information for future mailings in respect to promotions and
      events related to U. GOTO FLORIST as well as to answer inquiries.
  • ③ To complete orders and requests or exercise legal obligations or rights.
  • ④ To examine and develop items or services made by our company.
  • ⑤ To complete transactions with customers.

September 1st, 2008 U.GOTO FLORIST President: Naosuke Goto

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